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A Case For Not Eating: Can Fasting Benefit Your Oral Health?

There always seems to be a better dieting concept around the corner: Keto, Paleo, low-calorie and no-sugar, and the latest, fasting (abstaining from food for a period of time). But, with a possibility for physical and oral health benefits, fasting may be more than just a diet fad.
At first thought, it makes sense why fasting would be beneficial both physically and orally. Though there are many types of fasts—dry fast, absolute fast, partial fast—physically you are, well, starving yourself. So it makes sense your body would react by burning fat for energy. Orally, by having less bacteria and saliva in the mouth due to constant eating, or rather not constantly eating, the teeth and gums have a chance to grow and heal and thrive.
Intermittent Fasting As we increasingly become aware of our physical health and the aging process, we find ourselves mining for new methods, new understandings of how we can feel and look our very best, all the time. Cynthia Thurlow, an experienced nurse pract…

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